What are the factors affecting the delivery time of plastic mold processing companies?




As we all know, the processing cycle of plastic mould is relatively long, and its processing steps are many, the process is complex, so in the whole processing will inevitably encounter a lot of difficult to effectively control the factors, among which the delivery time most customers are more concerned about the problem. Sometimes even if the manufacturers' production equipment and process level are very different, but the delivery time is still not the same, why will this phenomenon occur? What are the factors that affect the delivery time of plastic mold processing company?

1, the larger and more complex the size of the plastic parts product design, the longer the natural plastic mold processing and parts processing time will be.

2、In addition, the product material performance has different requirements on the steel of the mold and the processing technology of the mold, and the time will be different.

3、According to the customer's requirements, the appearance requirements of the injection products, dimensional accuracy, etc. are also important factors that affect the processing time of plastic moulds.

4、How much is the expected output of the injection mold, whether the mold is to do multiple cavities, or one cavity. Do two products and a product is certainly different, processing time will be longer.

5., the more complex the shape of the plastic parts, the more difficult the plastic mold processing. That is to say, the more classification surface of plastic parts, the more assembly position, snap position, hole position, the more difficult the mold processing, the longer the mold processing time.