UV treatment of plastic injection molded parts surface treatment




Over UV is a surface treatment process of plastic injection molded parts, the surface of the general plastic injection molded parts after UV treatment, can make the product surface effect is brighter, and not easy to be scratched, the main process is to spray a layer of transparent oil on the surface, need to undergo UV baking dry, the following to explain to you plastic injection molded parts over UV to pay attention to what:

1. Due to UV paint curing speed, high production efficiency, through the UV curing, 30 minutes can;

2. Excellent coating performance, coating in hardness, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray resistance, gasoline and other solvents are very high indicators; especially its paint film fullness, glossy sense is particularly outstanding;

3. UV paint is light curing process, no pollution in the processing.

4. UV paint is more sensitive to dust, so the processing environment requirements are more stringent.

5. Not sunlight, easy to crack in the sunlight.

6. UV coating will be yellowed after a long time, so it is not recommended to use UV for surface treatment when the appearance of the product requires pure white.