DFM & Mold Design

We provide engineering guidance to help you design moldable parts that are optimized for manufacture. From tool design concepts to process development and validation, we ensure that all aspects of production meet the ultimate goal of producing high-quality injection molded parts.

Product Design Assistance

Support in the design of product features, specs and industrial design follow. We can support you in development of your new projects or re-design current products and implement these steps on behalf of clients by meeting in person and teleconferencing with you and your sales & marketing and technical people each step of the way.

Product Development

● Quality Requirement Planning

● Material Selection Consultation

● Mold Concept Planning

● Part Optimizing

● Design For Manufacturing

● Cycle Time Optimization

Mold Design Support

● Mold drawing 2D

● Mold drawing 3D

● Design for Manufacturable

● Mold Design Checked

● Mold Design Specification

● Mold Design Optimized

● Cooling Design Optimization

Engineering Software

● Auto CAD

● Unigraphics NX

● Autodesk Moldflow

DFM & Mold Design 04

DFM & Mold Design 04

DFM & Mold Design 03

DFM & Mold Design 03

DFM & Mold Design 02

DFM & Mold Design 02

DFM & Mold Design

DFM & Mold Design